Chairman’s Message

Samantha Kumarasinghe - Chairman / Managing Director


Welcome to the world of Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd, the leading herbal cosmetics manufacturer in Sri Lanka. Nature, traditional Sri Lankan herbal beauty treatments and healing techniques, are our inspiration. Our scientists and herbalists transform nature’s finest ingredients into a bio-active range of genuine herbal personal care products for discerning consumers who trust the value of nature.

 At Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd, we believe that nature has the power to soothe, heal, stimulate and energize. We harness the power of nature, the synergy of Hela-Veda and Ayurveda, and modern cosmetology, to formulate our distinctive products. 

Sri Lanka’s beauty secrets have proven their efficacy for over 5,000 years. Drawing inspiration from this heritage, we produce herbal cosmetics of the highest international quality through a scientific fusion of modern cosmetology and ancient indigenous knowledge of Hela-Veda, using herbal ingredients direct from their source.

Our superior manufacturing process begins at high-tech laboratories. The products, diligently developed in the laboratories, are commercially produced in a process accredited with European recognized GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and ISO standards to ensure authenticity, hygiene and freshness in all products.

 We have created a 13 acre lush and fertile medicinal plant garden of over 800 varieties of both land and aquatic medicinal plants around our production facility, together with a plant research centre and a tissue culture laboratory, making it a unique environment. Our Plant Research Centre is dedicated for research on Sri Lanka’s medicinal plants.

Our medicinal plant garden contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide emission from our premises. In an effort to leave a negative carbon footprint, we also use biogas produced within the premises for cooking purposes in our cafeteria.

 Being truly environment friendly, we use recycled waste-water for watering our medicinal plant garden. We are proud to have won the National Green Award - Gold in recognition of our efforts towards a greener environment; the sole winner in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.

Today, Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd is at the forefront of the herbal cosmetics industry in Sri Lanka. We export our herbal cosmetics to many parts of the world including USA, Europe and Asia. Our products with their uncompromising quality and efficacy, and made under supremely hygienic conditions, have won the hearts of millions of customers the world over.

 With a fast growing, satisfied customer base and a highly motivated and competent team, we at Nature’s Beauty Creations Ltd are committed towards achieving our vision of “To be the most environment-friendly cosmetics manufacturer in the world.”

 Samantha Kumarasinghe

Chairman / Managing Director