Try These Tips For Beautiful Soft Feet

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Our feet put up with a lot, every day!
They literally take the entire weight of
your body
So it's time to give them
the attention, love and care they deserve.

Wear comfortable shoes as much as possible.
As much as you love your high, gorgeous
heels and the new pair of shoes you just
bought, don't wear them two days in a row
if they are giving you cuts and bruises.

Wash your feet every day to keep them clean.
You could also gently scrub your
feet a few times a month to remove dead skin,
and soften, hard areas. Try out our amazing
Aloe & Nutgrass Foot Scrub for this.


Remember to dry your feet thoroughly,
especially between the toes because
this is where fungi could grow.

Keep your feet moisturized with
a good cream such as our Aloe Miracle Foot
Care Cream. It helps reduce dry skin,
itchiness and even heals cracks, with
results in only just 2 weeks.

Remember to trim your nails to
a good length to avoid broken nails.

Always remove any remaining nail polish with a Nail Polish Remover before
applying a new nail polish. You could try our Olive Oil Nail Polish Remover
which provides extra protection for your nails. Leave the nails polish-free for a
few hours at least before applying a new one.

Gorgeous Soft Feet Are Now All Yours!



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