Learn The Secrets Behind The Perfect Wax For The Smoothest Skin

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Beauty Tips

Waxing Secrets


Make sure your skin is clean
& dry without any lotion

Are you hairy enough?
It is best if your hair is at least half
a centimeter long to ensure the hairs
are pulled from the root.

After the wax soothe your skin with
Nature's Secrets Aloe 94% Gel
to reduce any skin irritation, redness and inflammation.
The Aloe Gel will also help heal damaged skin.

For a few days after the wax
don't go out into the sun much as
the skin may be sensitive.
If necessary, apply Aloe 94% Gel to
soothe skin after sun exposure.
Avoid extreme heat such as saunas and steam
rooms for a few days too.


Avoid wearing tight clothes for the first
few days to allow your skin more comfort.


It is best to wax about one month apart.
Remember to gently exfoliate your skin during the days between your waxes
to ensure you don't get ingrown hairs!

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