An Island's Treasure

"The woods are their Apothecaries Shops,

where with Herbs, Leaves and the Bark of Trees they do notable Cures"

-Robert Knox An Historical Relation of Ceylon, 1681


The beautiful Tropical island of Sri Lanka has been a treasure

trove of Natural healing Wonders,

Strengthened through thousands of years of indigenous Hela-Veda

Natural healing systems and Natural Ayurveda healing.

These ancient Natural healing Systems are still carefully

practiced today by skilled physicians, the vast herbal knowledge

having been precisely documented and passed down

through the ages through the writing on ancient ola leaves.


Our ancestors' reliance on nature was however not only limited

to health, having also been embraced for beauty purposes,

evidence of which still adorns the rock walls of the

ancient Sigiriya Rock Palace.

Natures' Secrets -A Story of Heritage, Plants & Science

We draw inspiration from the herbal heritage that has resonated across our

Historic Kingdoms, and harness the power of plants through science to create

high performance natural cosmetics to international


Plants & science are at the core of all we do, and we strongly reinforce these

through National Award Winning Green Practices, Plant Conservation

and Advanced Plant Research.


⋆ Largest European GMP Certified cosmetic factory.

⋆ Sri Lanka's Highest environment Award.

⋆ Sustainable sourcing of the Purest Natural Ingredients.


⋆ Cruelty Free Beauty - No Animal Testing.

⋆ Sri Lanka's Largest privately owned collection of Medicinal Plants.


⋆ Sri Lanka's first privately owned advanced Plant Research Center with international Collaborations.

⋆ Tissue culturing of rare plants.